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Memorable Moments - Chapter 3

Title: Memorable Moments
Fandom: CSI
Pairing: Grissom/Sara
Rating: Teen
Summary: Sequel to Stutters and Finding My Voice.
Disclaimer: Not mine :(


What the world really needs is more love and less paperwork.
- Pearl Bailey

I may be sitting in my office with a desk full of neglected paperwork, but I know that I may as well just throw my pen down now. My ability to concentrate on endless report, forms and memos is limited at the best of times, but tonight it is nonexistent. My mind is completely preoccupied with thoughts of Sara, and I’m finding it difficult to remember why that’s supposed to be a bad thing right now. The moment I lose my tenuous grip on my concentration, my mind drifts inexorably back to last night…

I couldn’t tell you how long we simply stood there, wrapped in each other’s arms. The happy tears that streamed from her eyes began to leak from my own as her response permeated my soul. She actually said yes. Sara Sidle, the love of my life and my reason for living, had actually agreed to marry me. There’s still part of me that doesn’t quite believe it.

Eventually we pulled apart enough for me to slide the ring onto her finger. On the surface, such a simple everyday action, putting on a piece of jewellery, but the promise and emotion that it symbolised nearly overwhelmed me.

There is no remedy for love but to love more.
- Henry David Thoreau

When our eyes locked, I could see the love and devotion I felt for her reflected in her eyes, which were still flowing with tears. Wiping her cheeks with my thumbs, I bent my head to capture her lips in a joyful kiss of celebration. I could taste the salt from her tears, but this was far outweighed by the sweetness of our first kiss as an engaged couple. I treasure every kiss I share with Sara, but this kiss was off the charts; right up there with that first warm kiss in my car the night of our abbreviated first date.

While the first kiss was sweet and tender, the following ones grew progressively more passionate until Sara dragged me off to continue the celebration elsewhere.

~ ~ ~ ~

It was Sara that brought it up, earlier this evening as we snuggled together in bed. What were we going to tell our team-mates? Were we going to tell our team-mates? While part of me wanted to keep them in the dark – after all, they hadn’t even managed to figure out that we were together yet, despite the numerous hints we’ve dropped – the rest of me was looking forward to letting them in on our happiness. I was looking forward to telling them that I was Sara’s, and she was mine. Forever.

The only part that was missing was how to tell them.

I knew I was in for something interesting when Sara’s eyes darkened with mischief, and a wide grin took over her face.

“I have an idea.”

Sara POV

When Catherine finally strides into the break room five minutes before the start of shift, it is time to put the plan into action. The rest of the team are all here, and I realise I can’t wait to see their reactions. Unobtrusively, I slide my left hand out from under the magazine page I have been shielding it with while I waited for everyone to arrive. Relying on their observant natures and general nosiness, I wait. And wait. And wait.

After about a minute, I realise that I may have overestimated their perceptiveness. This may require just a little bit of subtle attention seeking. Carefully exaggerating my motions a little, I use my left hand to push my hair back from my face, letting the light from the bulb above me catch on the glittering gem of my ring. Just to be sure, I follow this up with a slight sigh as I set my elbow on the table to lean on my left hand.

At last, Catherine glances round from her conversation with Nick, and I can actually see her double take when she spots the ring.

“Hey Sara, is there something you’re not telling us?” she says, trying to sound casual. If only she knew just how many things I don’t tell them! I have to smile at Catherine’s attempt to be smooth and subtle in her inquiry. I choose a vague response that I know will frustrate her.

“Lots of things, Catherine. I have to have a few secrets you know. Is there anything in particular you were wondering about?”

Something in my tone seems to catch the attention of the guys, because they all turn to look at me now. Catherine gives a little frustrated huff, and I can tell that she’s gonna go for the direct approach this time.

“Well, for starters, I can’t help but notice that you have acquired a sparkly new piece of jewellery on your finger.”

I have to contain a giggle at that one. Her wording strikes me as funny, considering that she (along with the rest of the team) has managed not to notice that I’ve been living with Gil for months now. Enjoying my role as mystery woman, I just smile enigmatically. Catherine takes the bait and speaks up again.

“Care to explain the significance?” I shoot her a slightly sardonic look before answering.

“Come on, you’re all CSIs here. I think you can figure this one out on your own.”

There is a momentary silence as the team absorb this. Despite the evidence, I don’t think they actually quite believed it until this moment. When they do speak again, they all do it at once.

“Who’s the guy?”
“When did this happen?”
“You didn’t even tell us you were seeing someone!”
“Does Grissom know?”

With a smirk on my face, I respond to their comments.

“He asked me last night. Yes, Grissom knows, and I don’t actually have to let you guys in on every little detail of my private life.”

I can tell that Catherine is irked that I didn’t answer her question, ‘who?’.

I am saved from an interrogation when the door swings open and Gil walks in with the night’s assignments.

The moment his eyes catch mine, I can’t help the sappy smile that appears on my face, and I note that he has little more luck containing his own smile. I notice the guys all looking at me, and I realise the jig may be up. When Gil and I concocted our little plan to keep them in suspense until the end of shift, we didn’t factor in our current inability to keep from grinning in each other’s presence.

The team, as one, look from me, to Gil, and back again. Once again, they speak simultaneously.


Tags: csi: grissom/sara, fandom: csi, fanfic, fic: memorable moments, length: 1000-5000, rating: pg/pg-13

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