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Always Will Be - Chapter 13

Title: Always Will Be
Fandom: Roswell
Pairing: Michael/Maria
Rating: Adult
Summary: Maria returns to Roswell on her national tour, but will she have a reason to stay?
Disclaimer: They're not mine.

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Chapter Thirteen - Cause

Michael opened one eye cautiously, still more than half asleep. He thought that he was in his own bed, but something felt… different. He just couldn’t quite place his finger on what. Closing his eyes again, he was just on the verge of drifting back to sleep when he felt a warm movement along his side. That was when it hit him what the difference was, or rather, who the difference was. He blearily opened his eyes and glanced down at the tangle of blonde hair snuggling into his shoulder, the events of the previous night rushing back to him.


Her name was tinged with a hint of reverence as it ran through his head. The last few weeks since she had burst back into his life had been a rollercoaster of emotion, and last night had far surpassed all of his half-smothered fantasies from the last five years…

Despite his earlier release, Michael knew he was teetering on the edge of control even before Maria laid a finger on him. While she reached past him for the soap and indicated that he should turn around, he worked on exercising a little mental control to take a step back from that precipice. All of his mental fortitude nearly vanished when her soaped hands glided across his shoulder blades.

“I did promise to scrub your back,” she murmured in his ear, her breasts pressed against his back as she reached up to him.

What she did to his back was less scrubbing and more caressing; feather light touches of her fingertips traced patterns down his spine, each one nearly short-circuiting all of his nerve synapses. By the time she gently turned him back to face her, his cock was painfully hard against his stomach, his knees were weak, and he had lost all capacity for coherent thought.

“Mar…” His fervent sigh was interrupted as her lips crashed against his. Wrapping his arms around her, he pulled her flush against him and eagerly returned her kiss. He instantly regretted it as she squirmed against him, her nipples brushing across his chest, her stomach trapping his aching dick, and her agile fingers sweeping away any hope he had of regaining control.

Giving himself up to the pleasure, he trembled violently as her lips moved to nibble at a sensitive spot behind his ear, and one soft hand snaked down to gently cup his balls. When the other started to slip down his stomach, he knew he was lost.

It was all just too much for him to handle, a sensation overload that was drowning him after years in the desert. Her fingernails lightly scratching his balls, her silky fingers encircling his leaking cock, her mouth on his neck and her wet centre heating his thigh; the combination overwhelmed him, her name escaping his lips in a guttural cry as he lost his grip on reality and rocketed into the ether, flying ever higher until he exploded, shattering into a million pieces that slowly reformed as he found himself slumped against the shower wall, wrapped in Maria’s arms.

“God, Maria,” he whispered brokenly into her hair, “I’ve missed you.”

Michael was aware of his hardening arousal as he emerged from the memory, and the position of her questing fingers would suggest that Maria was too.

“I know you’re awake,” he whispered, gently stroking her cheek as he brushed her hair from her face. A slow smile crept across her face as her eyes drifted open.

“You seem pretty… awake… this morning yourself,” she replied, punctuating her words with a caress that had him drawing in a choppy breath.

“Any more of that and I won’t be held responsible for my actions,” he mock glared at her, reciprocating with a stealthy stroke of his own. With a coy giggle and a hooded look, Maria repeated her move.

“I’m willing to take the consequences…” she breathed, as he rolled her on top of him and proceeded to show her exactly what those consequences would be.

Chapter Fourteen
Tags: fandom: roswell, fanfic, fic: always will be, length: unknown, rating: r/nc-17, ros: michael/maria, verse: roswell lives

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