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Always Will Be - Chapter 12

Title: Always Will Be
Fandom: Roswell
Pairing: Michael/Maria
Rating: Adult
Summary: Maria returns to Roswell on her national tour, but will she have a reason to stay?
Disclaimer: They're not mine.

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Chapter Twelve - Again

Maria stumbled backwards as they fell through Michael’s front door together, lips locked in a hungry kiss. Kicking the door closed behind them, Michael thanked Buddha that Kyle had decided to spend tonight at Tess’s. They had the place to themselves.

“Michael…” Maria moaned, dragging her mouth from his. Michael grunted in response as he began to trail open-mouthed kisses down her neck. “Mi…oh, yes… Michael.” Maria pulled his head up to lock his gaze. She took a few calming breaths before attempting to continue. A worried hint appeared in Michael’s eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Maria hurried to reassure him.

“Nothing. It’s just… I’d really rather like to get rid of this sand.” Michael smiled, and leaned down to nibble on her head, whispering seductively, “I’ll scrub your back if you scrub mine.”

Maria grabbed his shirt-front and had them in the bathroom before he could blink. Before long, their clothes were once again lying forgotten in a heap. Michael pulled back and stared at Maria’s nude form appreciatively. The scanty moonlight in the desert hadn’t afforded him such a view, and he noticed Maria was taking the opportunity to do the same. He pulled her to him, gasping at the sensation of her body moulding itself to his. He could feel his erection growing once again, but was also becoming aware of the many grains of gritty sand wedged uncomfortably around his naked body. Manoeuvring her backwards, he helped her step into the shower without parting their heated bodies. Reaching around her, he pulled the door across and flipped the water on.

As the steaming water cascaded over their already feverish bodies, Michael leaned down to plant a short but fierce kiss on Maria’s eager lips. He picked up the soap and a washcloth from the shelf beside him, working them into a lather between his palms. He noted the wanton expression on her face as he leant back and eyed her body speculatively. Dropping the bottle of soap back to the shelf, he motioned for her to turn around. Pouting a little, she complied. Tenderly, he brought the hand holding the washcloth up to gently caress the side of her neck, slowly moving across her shoulder. Maria moaned softly as he drew the cloth across her other shoulder. He dropped a soft kiss on the sensitive skin at the nape of her neck before replacing his lips with the soapy washcloth. Moving his lips to the top of her spine, he repeated his actions as he made his way unhurriedly down her back. Maria’s soft sighs of pleasure urged him on as he gently kissed and washed her smooth silky skin. She groaned his name as he approached her ass, whimpering piteously as he only briefly touched his lips to the cheek before straightening.

“Michael… please…” Maria begged. Michael grasped her shoulders and gently turned her to face him. Nibbling on her ear lobe he whispered, “Patience.”

Re-soaping the cloth, he continued to tease her ear with his tongue as he lightly washed her upper arm. When he reached her elbow he paused to suck the soft skin of her inner elbow before caressing the same spot with the cloth. Maria gasped at the unexpected pleasure, closing her eyes. Michael grinned at her as he passed the cloth over her forearms. He took hold of her hand with his free one and brought it up to his lips, kissing the back tenderly. He whispered her name, locking his gaze with hers when she opened her eyes. Keeping his eyes fixed on hers, he slowly took her index finger into his mouth. He sucked gently, eliciting a blissful moan from Maria. He swirled his tongue around her digit, licking the tip teasingly. Maria protested slightly when he pulled away, but her moan quickly turned into a pleasured one as he treated her next finger to the same. Maria’s breath was coming in short pants by the time he was through with her fingers and started to kiss his way back up her arm, beginning by softly biting her palm. As he nibbled across her collarbone, she realised his intent and offered up her other arm eagerly.

After lavishing his attention on her arm and hand, he reached around her and re-soaped the cloth. Beginning on her hip, he drew the sudsy cloth up her side, tickling her rips until he ended at her sensitive underarm. From there, he brought it across her torso, skirting around the breasts that were begging for his touch. Frustrated, Maria grabbed his wrist and brought his cloth-covered hand over her breast. Michael grinned at her and squeezed gently, eliciting an ecstatic groan. Ever so slowly, he spread soap bubbles across the aching orbs, making certain not to miss a spot. When every inch of them was covered in suds, he dropped the cloth and brought his bare hands up to her chest. Cupping the soft weight of her breasts, he pushed them together, thumbing the taut sensitive nipples as the hot water sluiced over them, washing the soap away.

He could feel himself growing ever harder from the sensations and the sound of Maria’s breathy cries, but he purposefully fought to ignore it. He wanted this experience to be all about Maria. Ducking his head, he teased her hard nubs with his teeth and lips. Maria’s hand gripped his shoulder, her fingers tightening as she whimpered his name, her face an unmistakeable picture of pleasure. Retrieving the soapy cloth, he used it to gently stroke the curve of her ass. Maria emitted a loud moan as he tenderly drew it into her crack, and she tried to bring his mouth up to meet hers. He resisted, placing a finger over her lips when she made to protest.

“Remember, patience sweetheart.” Maria sighed, but her disappointment quickly faded when his washcloth covered hand moved to her thigh. Just as he had done with her upper body, he slowly soaped the soft skin he found there. Kneeling down brought his face directly into line with the tempting thatch of blonde hair between her thighs. His body screamed at him to just lean forward and take her into his mouth, but he gathered his control and continued on his path down her leg. The soapy cloth was joined by his hand as he caressed the long length, and he revelled in the silky texture of her skin. Maria jumped when he hit upon a ticklish spot behind her knee. Michael grinned and stroked a fingertip across the delicate area, eliciting a slight cry from Maria. Slowly he worked his way right down to her feet, where he spent several minutes lavishing attention on her toes. Maria was pleasantly shocked when this sent jolts of sharp pleasure all the way up her legs to pool between them. Extremely leisurely, Michael headed back up her other leg, stopping to discover and enjoy hidden pleasure points along the way.

By the time he reached her thigh, Maria was sure that her legs would buckle under her at any moment, because her knees felt like jelly. Putting one hand on the bathroom wall to steady herself, she reached down with the other to tangle her fingers in his damp locks. Deliberately prolonging the agony, Michael dropped kisses across her stomach while his fingers teased the soft skin inside her thigh. Maria whimpered, her words unintelligible but meant to plead that he end the torture.

Pulling back, Michael got to his feet and swallowed her protests with his kiss. As her muffled moans turned pleasured, he discretely transferred some soapy suds to his finger from the washcloth he was still gripping. Lifting his lips from hers he whispered, “I think I still have one very important place left to wash,” and slid his slick sudsy finger between her thighs. Maria’s cries of delight as he caressed her throbbing clit sent a sharp pang of heat straight to his groin. Pushing a digit into her hot passage, he was pleasantly surprised when her head fell back and a loud groan of sheer ecstasy escaped her. Just a few strokes later he felt her walls begin to contract around his finger, and any trace of soap remaining was washed away by the flood of fluid from her. His cock throbbed hard in response to her animalistic groans as she came.

Maria was lost. The world around her was nothing but bright fireworks, stars and pure unadulterated bliss. She was falling through the nothingness, with the pleasure as her only point of reference. Slowly she came back to earth to find Michael holding her as she draped bonelessly against his chest. He had a smugly satisfied grin on his face as the hot water rained over them.

“I’d tell you to wipe that smug look off your face… but oh boy do you deserve it,” she sighed. Delight spread across his face, and he dropped a soft kiss on her parted lips. “But now it’s my turn Spaceboy,” she grinned, her old nickname for him dropping from her lips as she recovered.

“I guess that’s only fair,” Michael replied, his eyes alight with anticipation as she reached for him…

Chapter Thirteen
Tags: fandom: roswell, fanfic, fic: always will be, length: unknown, rating: r/nc-17, ros: michael/maria, verse: roswell lives

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