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Fic Master List

So, this is my complete master list of all the fics on this journal, categorised by fandom. Also listed are fics that haven't quite made it on here yet, but will eventually (listings in italics) - some of these are written and posted elsewhere, some are yet to be written.

I will endeavour to keep this up to date - please let me know if any links go somewhere unexpected!

Fics within fandoms are sometimes further categorised - if a section header is green then the fics in that section are all in the same 'verse.


Cheating (Mandy, Henry, Hodges/Wendy)
Would You Like Fries With That? (Gen, hinted Grissom/Sara)
Inbox (Grissom/Sara)
Introspection (Grissom/Sara)
Warmth (Grissom/Sara)
Lunch (Nick/Greg)
Fun On A Flat Surface (Grissom/Sara) NSFW
Falling (Grissom/Sara)
Breathe (Grissom/Sara)

Unbound Challenge
Cauchemar (Grissom/Sara)
Une Aventure Aqueuse (Grissom/Sara)

Moments 'Verse (Grissom/Sara)
Finding My Voice
Memorable Moments: One Two Three


Displays Of Affection (Christian/Syed)
You Look Good In My Shirt (Christian/Syed)
(Big Fish. Little Fish.) Cardboard Box. (Christian/Syed) Co-written with pinkfairy727
Don't Call Me Baby (Christian/Syed)
Making Up (Christian/Syed) NSFW


Kiss Curl (Kurt/Blaine)
Suddenly I See (Kurt/Blaine)
La Pizza (Kurt/Blaine)
In Knots (Kurt/Blaine) NSFW
Do You Remember? (Kurt/Blaine)
Wonderful Tonight (Kurt/Blaine>
One Bed, One Bath (Kurt/Blaine)
Belt and Braces (Kurt/Blaine)
Backstage Notes (Kurt/Blaine)
Stumbled On A Certainty (Kurt/Blaine)
Who Needs Pictures? (Kurt/Blaine)
Visitations (Gen, referenced Kurt/Blaine)
Nothing Heals Me Like You Do (Kurt/Blaine)
Forget-me-not (Kurt/Blaine)
One More Minute (One Minute More) (Kurt/Blaine) NSFW
Just A Sorta Charming, Somewhat Handsome, Not-So-Princely Guy (Kurt/Blaine)
A Matter Of Taste (Kurt/Blaine)
Ananda Balasana (Kurt/Blaine) NSFW

Vid: You Needed Me (by Boyzone)


Watching (Merlin/Arthur) NSFW
Burning Calories (Merlin/Arthur)
A Dangerous Pastime (pre-Merlin/Arthur)
Figuring It Out (Merlin/Arthur) NSFW
Settling Up (Merlin/Arthur) NSFW
Senbazuru (Merlin/Arthur)
Maybe Love Is The Reason Why Part One Part Two (Merlin/Arthur/Gwaine) NSFW


Forgiven (Max/Liz)
Driven (Zan/Liz)

Roswell Lives 'Verse
True Destiny (Max/Liz) (Click for fic master list)
Melting The Ice (Alex/Isabel)
The Melting Continues (Alex/Isabel)
Always Will Be (Michael/Maria) NSFW (Click for fic master list)


Five Times Jack Harkness Kissed At Midnight, And One Time He Didn't... Quite (Jack/Various inc Jack/Ianto)
Lies My Hell-Dreams Told Me (Jack/Ianto)
Highly Illogical (implied Jack/Ianto)
Nightmares (Jack/Ianto)
Burnt Out Ends Of Smoky Days (Jack/Ianto)
So Easy To Leave Me (Jack/Ianto)
Yesterday Is But Today's Memory (Jack/Ianto) (Click for fic master list)
Does Africa Know A Song Of Me? (Jack/Ianto, mentions of Gwen/Rhys, Martha/Tom) (Click for fic master list)
People Only Know What You Tell Them (Jack/Ianto) (Click for fic master list)
My Unexpected Valentine (Jack/Ianto)

Smutty Ficlets NSFW
As Long As It's Not In An Office (Jack/Ianto)
It's August, Right? (Jack/Ianto)
Left Hand, Red (Jack/Ianto)
Water Is Taught By Thirst (Jack/Ianto): One (SFS) Two (SS)
Snowed In (Jack/Ianto): One Two Three
Welcomed Interruptions (Jack/Ianto/Owen)

Red Is My Colour - January 2009
Ice Skating (Jack/Ianto)
Winter Comfort (Jack/Ianto)
Long Awaited Return (Gen: Jack)
Stuck In The Snow (Jack/Ianto)
With Only Love To Keep Me Warm (Jack/Ianto)
Captain (Jack/Ianto)
A Winter's Walk (Jack/Ianto)
Last Of The First Snow (Jack/Ianto)
Hot Chocolate (Jack/Ianto)
Coffee vs. The Rift (Gen)
Wintering In Wales (Gen)
Stars In Your Multitudes (Jack/Ianto)
Roll Down Your Window (Jack/Ianto)
Me And My Guy (Jack/Ianto)
The Passing Of Autumn (Gen: Jack)
Frozen (Jack, Ianto)
Here Comes The Sun (Jack/Ianto)
Jack's Departed Village (Jack, hinted Jack/Ianto)
Excuses (Jack/Ianto)
Crack! (Jack/Ianto)
Children (hinted Jack/Ianto)
Escape (Jack/Ianto)
Happy Birthday To Me (Jack/Ianto)
The Leaves Are Browner (Jack/Ianto)
Reading (Jack/Ianto)
Getaway (Jack/Ianto)

Stolen 'Verse (Gen, hinted Jack/Ianto)

Tasha 'Verse (Jack/Ianto)
You Want To Make A Memory: Part One Part Two
Fun In The Snow

Writer In A Drawer, Round 4 (2010)
The Sword Of Time (Owen)
What's Happening? (qaStaH nuq?) (Jack/Ianto)
The Wind In Her Hair (Tosh)
Domestic Disturbance (Gen)
Phonebook (Gen)
Ab Parentis (Owen)
Four Times Tosh Considered Running Away and The Reason She Didn’t (Tosh)
The Rain In Spain (Jack/Alonso)

Guilt 'Verse
First Date (Ianto/Lisa) - prequel/backstory ficlet
Guilt (Jack/Ianto, Ianto/Lisa) (Click for fic master list)
Turning Point - sequel to Guilt (Click for fic master list)
Moving On - sequel to Turning Point (Click for fic master list)
Resolution - sequel to Moving On (working title)

Guilt: Redux (Jack/Ianto, implied Ianto/Lisa) (Click for fic master list) - alternate ending to Guilt
Christmas Present (Jack/Ianto) - ficlet in Redux-verse.
A Birthday Conspiracy (Jack/Ianto) - 2nd ficlet in Redux-verse.
In Need Of Comfort (Jack/Ianto) - 3rd ficlet in Redux-verse.

Written In Conjunction with angelzbabe1989

Ianto The Explorer, And The Adventure Of Jack's Passage (Jack/Ianto) NSFW
It's All Just Sex, Sex, Sex With You People (implied Gwen/Rhys, Rhys/Andy, Gwen/Tosh, Jack/Ianto)
Brokeback Manor (Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys, Tosh/Owen) NSFW (Click for fic master list)

The ASBO Kids (aka There's Something In The Water)

Written In Conjunction with piper08

Honeymoon In Peril (Jack/Ianto): One Two

Other Torchwood

Triple Ripple (Gareth David-Lloyd/Matt Rippy/John Barrowman) NSFW
For Safekeeping (John Barrowman/Scott Gill) NSFW
A Little Birdie Told Me (John Barrowman/Scott Gill)

Captain Jack (by DJ Rankin)
What Hurts The Most (by Rascal Flatts)
Captain Scarlet (by The Spectrum) Co-vidded with sparking_off.

Other Fandoms

Lessons (Charmed)
What If I Said? (Bones, CSI, CSI NY, Private Practice, Roswell, Torchwood)
Spaceball (Firefly)
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